JD Vandewalker (l DEADEYE l)



(Stream Team Manager)

I started in competitive gaming before "esports" was a word. I lead my first competitive team in 1994 on a PC game called Rainbow Six Rouge Spear. I am a father of 3 and have an amazing wife that supports me in everything I set out to do. I enjoy shoutcasting and gaming with my kids.

Twitter - @l_DEADEYE_l

Twitch -

James Aldridge (BOSCH)


Global Community Manager

Husband, Father, Retired Competitive Team Leader, Retired Amateur Skateboarder, Loves mountain biking-hiking-extreme paddle boating, Star Wars freak, and BOSCH Tools biggest fan.

Twitter - @NIBITintheBOSCH

Jericho Shipman (FreeMasonKnight)



(Global Competitive Manger)

Been gaming for over 23 years. Successfully competed in multiple games semi-professionally. Then started up Hardcore League with my great friend JD for a game that we are infinitely passionate about Battlefield which had no competitive scene prior.

Twitter - @JustMasonHere

Twitch -

The HCL Family

 The Hardcore League staff is dedicated to our community and is always willing to help. If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact the staff member that can best address your issue.  


Events and Programming

Randy Austin (ACrazyNDN)


Match Coordinator

I am a network administrator. 
I am married, have two children, I like long walks on a short pier, hot coffee to scorch your mouth, farting in the bathtub. 

Darrel (Pink Taco Unicorn)


Global Events Manager

Father of 3, never stressing, better than average casual gamer, average at best competitive gamer, solar powered, dope af.

Patrick Klingensmith (Jet Vexed)



I do the code that makes the things go *BEEP* *boop*.


Alan Ashcroft (Hardcore Ashy)



I helped build what Hardcore League is today and cant wait to see what the future holds for us. I'm also an Owner of BIO (Brotherhood of Integrity) we are a community of gamers that also compete in Hardcore League.   

Twitter - @Hardcoreashy

Twitch -

James Bruce (KLWHitmanPike)


Shoutcaster/Podcast King

KLW HitmanPike is a Veteran member of the Battlefield Community and eSport Shoutcaster. He brings a clear technical understanding of  Battlefield tactics, eSports strategy and the history surrounding the game. Whilst engaging the community with his dry British humor.

Twitch -



NA & EU Competitive Manager

NA & EU Community Manager

Husband, father of 2 (Jaden - 9, Zoe - 5). I joined the Navy in 2004 (12 yrs) and in that time I have traveled to 22 countries and acquired a wife, 2 kids, and a dog. I’ve played video games my whole life but I began the Battlefield series in BF4. I enjoy the competitive scene and most of the people in it. Being competitive in sports and in life in general helps feed that hunger in gaming.  




Moderator/Community Liason[Xbox]

Occupation: Union Carpenter  specialized in  Drywall, Framing and concrete

Husband, Father of two wonderful kids when they clean there rooms.  I've been  a competitive  Battlefield player for a little over two years on BF1 playing for  PEN, MFIA,and SWA T.  Having a chance to be on staff for me is a honor. I take pride in my work and everything I do.
I enjoy deep sea fishing, river fishing , boxing, painting, tattooing and making hand made tattoo machines. 

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Brett Fx



Competitve player, community organizer for 32v32 matches, trournament organizer and community/competitive caster for BF3. Freelance Caster for BF4 ESLONE, WEL, CEVO, CCS and many more. Looking to get back to casting for BF1 and future titles.


Fiend xk



 Occupation: Airport Technician, and forklift operator. I am a member of leadership for Long Range Recon Patrol. I’ve been playing games for years I first got into competitive playing Game Battles on Call of Duty. After being involved in competitive battlefield for about a year I decided to join the amazing guys here at the Hardcore League to try and do my part! 




That's me , 32, former soldier, and now for the last years a professional festival builder (scaffolding's, decoration, on site production manager and such) as a freelancer. Casual gamer, but jumping into the competitive scene with the HCL as a Staff member.



PS4 Community Manager

PS4 Event Coordinator

"I believe character is all in the name."





Head Moderator

Hello everyone! My name is Qt or you can call me Marissa. Just to tell you a little about myself. I live on the East Coast. I have two kids 3 1/2 and 9 months old. You can really reach me at anytime but if I dont get back right away that usually means I am tied up with the kids at the moment. My husband is in the Army Reserves and we are currently trying to get him medically retired.  



Content & Media Manager

Hey everyone, dum here! Name's Chase, but I prefer dum or dumdum- it's just fitting. I've an entrepreneurial soul, and a curious one to boot. I play banjo and sing (not saying it's pretty),  and have a knack for impersonations. I'm currently working on a degree in audio production, as I am obsessed with sound, and want to use it to benefit the world of competitive gaming; as well as get into voice over work. I play bf competitively for LRRP, and I can't describe the love I've got for my team. I'm 31, married to the most amazing woman I have ever met, and I've got a bitchin moustache. My goal in life is to positively impact as many people as I can, even if it's  simply opening a door with a smile. I'm here because I believe in the Hardcore League's vision, and I want to help achieve it. 



PS4 Competitive Coordinator

Hello everyone my name is noman but I think at this level you guys can call me Jay or noman I have a wife and 2 kids with 2 dogs I am a union worker with the uaw I work in a press shop I fix the machines that make the parts for ford





Content & Media Assistant

Hai! I’m Blaine or FUZIONz I’m from upstate NY and I am a recent high school grad currently attending welding school. I’m a LRRP player, great bunch of guys. Started impulse with Chase ( @dumdum31 ) in January and we’ve been kicking ass ever since. 


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