Event/Tournament Rules

No Shows

 1) Each Team has 20 minutes to make with host of the server from the agreed upon start time and date. Otherwise it will be considered a Forfeit of the whole match.

2) The team that does show up, please provide proof that the other team did not show up at the agreed upon time and fill out a match dispute form and select "No Show" under "Reason for Dispute".

         2a) Failing to fill out a form within 40 minutes of a team not showing up will result in a Draw for both teams. Earning no points towards the season for either side. 


 1) If a player or players disconnect they may rejoin, however, the match will continue in their absence.

2) If for some reason a large amount of people are disconnected due to outside forces (Server Issues Game Side) it will be considered a no contest, with neither team gaining a win or loss.

3) If a significant portion of the match has been completed a win and loss may be awarded, but only on a case by case basis.

4) Fill out a Match Dispute Ticket and select "Server Issues" as the Reason for Dispute.

Battlefield 1 Restrictions

Map Restrictions:  


Weapon Restrictions:

-CQ and Frontlines Gamemodes ONLY: Elite Classes (16vs16 and lower only as well as no Elite Classes on Hardcore due to them not being there by default)

Vehicle Restrictions:

-Behemoths (20vs20 and Lower Only)

Equipment(Gadgets) Restrictions:



-Set to 50% (20vs20 and Lower Only) (100% at 24vs24 or Higher)

Special Restrictions:

-No Aim Assist at all (Hardcore Only)  

Pre Match Requirements

1. ALL participants MUST have HLeagueofficial on their Friends Lists on the XBOX and be added to your roster, no later than 1 hour before their first match, please have everyone on your Roster send a request as soon as possible as we will not chase anyone down.

2. Team leaders MUST join the INCURSIONS PREMATCH voice Channel 20 minutes prior to your scheduled match time.

3. All participants MUST be loaded into Incursions, in the lobby, and prepared to except the game invite 10 minutes before your scheduled start time. A invite will be sent to every member of your Teams Roster that is in the lobby, it is the Team Leaders responsibility to make sure the correct personnel joins the match.

4. All of the above rules must followed or your team will forfeit or may be removed from the Tournament, depending on the situation.

Draw (Incursions)

In the event of a draw the two teams will play another Round (with a randomized map). It will be scheduled for after the last scheduled match of the day or another day of the tournament depending on if time allows.

Game Modes

Hardcore, Core, or Elite!

Here at Hardcore League we support Hardcore matches, Core matches, and an Elite Settings Hybrid Mode we developed for a tournament between Hardcore and Core Teams. For Hardcore and Core matches the setting are the default Battlefield settings for the respective game modes. Teams can choose from any of these 3 options for their matches here at the Hardcore League!

Match Rules

All Game Modes:  A Pre Match meeting is done 30 minutes prior to every match with each teams leader to go over the rules and operations of each match on discord. (Team Leaders can also send a captain if they are not able to attend the meeting.)

1) All matches must be played though their entirety, with the exception of 
a tie breaker map if none is needed. 

2) Each Map will consist of 3 Maps, 1 chosen by each team and a mutually agreed upon Tiebreaker Map. 
     2a) Each map will be played in twice. Both teams playing each side once. 
 2b) The winner of the map will be decided by who has accumulated the most tickets between the 2 rounds of the map. 

3) All Season matches must be 12vs12, 16vs16, 20vs20, 24vs24, 28vs28, or 32vs32 this will be 
decided by the 2 competing teams when the match is scheduled and 
cannot be changed for any reason after the match begins. 

 3a) Any team may play up to 2 men short(For 12vs12 and 16vs16) and 3 people down(For  20vs20, 24vs24, 28vs28, or 32vs32)  of the determined amount for 
any given match and may substitute or add any active rostered member 
at any time between rounds or during the burn round. The substitute or 
added member must have been on the teams roster for a minimum of 24 

4) If a player is found cheating or exploiting a glitch the team of that 
player forfeits the match in its entirety regardless of previous performance 

5) No weapon/vehicle restrictions here at the Hardcore League.

6) The hosting team will be decided between the 2 competing teams 
prior to the match unless HL is hosting the server. 

7) Intentional team changing within a round to gain an advantage is not allowed and will result in a forfeit. 

8) It is up to the Leader of each team to observe and enforce these rules in a match and fill out a match dispute if any or all rules are not followed. 

9) No kind of outside agreements are allowed by teams in any tournament setting.

10) For all Rules please exercise common sense.  

Elite Settings(BF1):


3D Spotting: On

Reload Full Mags: On

Unlimited Mags: Off

Aim Assist Slowdown: On

Aim Assist Rotation: Off

Nametags: On

Mini-Map Spotting:  On

Friendly Fire: On

Kill Cam: Off

Sqaud Leader Spawn: Off

Regenerate Health: Off

Vehicle 3rd Person Cam: On

Behemoths: Off

Ticket Count: 50%

Bullet Damage: 125%

Vehicle Respawn: 100%

Respawn Time: 100%

Round Time Limit: 100%